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Multi-dimensional business modeling and analytics
Quantrix Modeler sets the standard for business modeling & analytics professionals in financial services, manufacturing, retail, higher education, energy, consulting, and small business.  It's a single solution for all of an organization’s multi-dimensional modeling & analytics needs - from forecasting, budgeting, and strategic planning to risk modeling, data modeling, and much more

Quantrix allows you to quickly make changes, add new dimensions (such as Months, Regions, Currencies, Business Units, Products, etc), and view unlimited "What  if" scenarios without rebuilding your models!  Models require exponentially fewer formulas than spreadsheets, reducing complexity and time spent worrying about and catching errors.  Quantrix lets you create formulas in plain language, making models easy to understand, explain, and audit.  It allows you to collaborate on models with colleagues or clients without the business risks associated with spreadsheet modeling.  It also allows the business modeler to create interactive presentations and dashboards (allowing IT to focus on their priorities).

With Quantrix, you can expect these benefits:

► Faster Time-to-Answer
Quickly create ad hoc models that answer to the most urgent business questions.  "What if" scenarios help you develop strategies for changing business conditions.

► Business Insight

Create dynamic charts with a click of a button that shed new light on previously hidden relationships, trends and points of interest. 

► Interactive Presentations
Create interactive presentations and dashboards that enable strategic decision-making. 

Controlled Collaboration
User Roles and Permissions address the business risks associated with sharing models with colleagues or clients.

► Easy Integration

Integrate models with existing matrices, spreadsheets, databases and all types of business applications via an easy-to-use DataLink Wizard. 

► Enhanced Pivoting
Pivot matrices, tables and charts with simple drag & drop functionality to summarize data and answer the “What if..” questions that guide business planning.

► Greater Transparency
Enjoy confidence in your business logic with two unique Quantrix features – the Dependency Inspector and Formula Editor. 

► Improved Security

Protect models on the Model, Matrix, View, Selection and Folder level.  A broad range of protection features allows model authors to limit access by other model users. 

► Simple Validation
Write formulas in plain language or even in your industry’s jargon.  Add comments to explain complex logic. Track changes to the model with the Audit Trail.

► Quick ROI
Install Quantrix on your desktop or laptop and you are ready to create high-impact business and financial models.

"Ventana Research believes Quantrix Modeler is a significant step forward in making finance and line-of-business organizations more productive when it comes to any modeling, forecasting, budgeting, planning, or analytical task." 

Robert D. Kugel CFA
Ventana Research, Inc.

"Spreadsheets can generally be described as 'mad, bad and dangerous to know' and this is especially true where they have been pushed beyond the boundaries of where they were designed to go. This is particularly the case for high-end modelling applications and an alternative approach is really required. At the same time, such an approach needs to be focused at business users rather than IT. Quantrix Modeler offers exactly that."

Philip Howard
Bloor Research

"I'm pleased to see the return of products like Quantrix Modeler with a focus on accessible multidimensional modeling for business users. Many of the existing OLAP products have become increasingly technical, and now need IT experts to build and maintain cubes."

Nigel Pendse
The OLAP Report

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