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Gain a competitive edge by delivering superior and sustainable business value to your clients.  Quantrix resolves the limitations and risks associated with spreadsheets such as accuracy, transparency, flexibility, and scalability. Quantrix allows you to securely share your models with clients with easy-to-use controls.  It enables you to create interactive management presentations and dashboards that allow clients to understand business issues and make informed decisions.  With DataLink™, consultants with basic technical skills can leverage clients' existing data sources for modeling performance to guide future actions and success. 

With Quantrix Modeler, consultants can expect these benefits:

► Better Business Models
Improve your client's business with more accurate, flexible, and transparent forecasts, budgets, strategic plans and other business models.

Faster Turn-Around Time to Client Demands
As a consultant, you know that even simple additions and changes to spreadsheet models can take a long time and cause you to go over budget.  With Quantrix, you can rapidly respond to client needs without the labor overheads and expense.

Interactive Presentations and Dashboards
Create interactive visual analytics that enable informed decision-making by client team members and executives. 

A Quality Business Modeling Process
Deliver a 'best practices' process along with top quality models.  The Quantrix Modeling Methodology sets the standard for ensuring repeatable business modeling success.

► Offer New Insights to Clients
Dynamic charts allow you to shed new light on hidden opportunities, relationships, trends and points of interests that were previously unknown to clients.

Greater Accuracy, Flexibility, Transparency, & Dynamism than Spreadsheets
Address the business risks that jeopardize the integrity of your models and credibility with clients. 

Controlled and Secure Collaboration
Share models with clients and control model interaction with user roles, permissions, and audit trail.

Access the Quantrix Consulting Network
Gain access to Quantrix Professional Services, training materials, modeling tips & techniques, and a growing community of the consultants at the top of their profession. 

► Get to Work Now!
Install Quantrix on your laptop or desktop and start creating high-impact business models for clients today!

Need help with a specific business challenge? Request a consultation at +1.207.775.0808.

"As a co-founder and former leader of PwC UK's business modeling consultancy, and as someone who has built a career around delivering complex business models to many of the world's largest and most successful firms, I highly recommend Quantrix Modeler."

John Taylor
Director, Planning Models Ltd.

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