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DataNAV delivers in-memory analytics capability to Quantrix Modeler Professional Plus Edition.  The tool is a substantial advancement for Data Navigation, Analysis, and Visualization (DataNAV), enabling both business and IT professionals to easily query data sources to develop ad hoc, exploratory, as well as structured analyses.  It allows organizations to derive new value out of existing data assets including MS SQL Server, Oracle, IBM DB2, Sybase, Vertica, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Firebird, MonetDB, MS Access, MS Excel, Text Files, and more.  In-memory analytics offer superior performance for querying, filtering, and aggregating data from very large databases, including those in excess of one billion rows.  The charting engine allows dynamic, multi-dimensional comparison and contrast of multiple charts side-by-side for enhanced visual analysis. 

Quantrix DataNAV delivers benefits to both business and IT professionals:

Faster Insight through Drag-and-Drop Query and Analysis:  The drag-and-drop interface automatically creates SQL queries so users don’t have to.  It’s as simple as dragging and dropping data elements into the analysis. 

Business Intelligence plus Business Modeling:
 Quantrix delivers business intelligence capabilities along with multidimensional modeling.  Quantrix represents a practical and easily deployed alternative to the problematic BI and spreadsheet paradigm that dominates corporate business analytics and performance management. 

In-Memory Analytics:  DataNAV leverages in-memory analytics, which performs all data processing on the server rather than the user’s desktop computer. This significantly enhances performance with almost instantaneous results on most queries, and enables exceptionally fast and scalable analytics and modeling.

Derive More Value Out of Existing BI and CPM Investments:
  DataNAV leverages the substantial CPM/BPM and BI investments made within an enterprise.  It provides seamless integration with a broad range of databases, data warehouses, pivot tables, csv files, and business applications. 

Want to see DataNAV in action?  View the video on the top right side of the webpage or contact Quantrix to request a free online demo.

The DataNAV Video Demo provides an a walkthrough of features and benefits.  The 19 minute demo shows how to build queries with "drag-and-drop" ease, use qualifiers, add data sources, and use the new visualization engine to compare charts side-by-side. 

"The payoff from Quantrix for their customers should be better analytic practices that provide faster, more in-depth analyses. It should be able to do this with a reduced risk of errors that can plague spreadsheet analysis, as well as greater continuity and less duplication of effort as DataNAV facilitates sharing analytic models. Moreover, companies can have greater control of the integrity of these models."

Robert D. Kugel CFA    
Senior Vice President & Research Director
Ventana Research 

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