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The Election Tax Model website ( showcases a number of features and benefits that Quantrix delivers to multi-dimensional modeling exercises.  The main benefits of modeling the Presidential candidates' tax plans in Quantrix are as follows:
1. Multi-Dimensionality
The challenge of modeling and comparing the candidate’s tax plans is inherently multi-dimensional, yet straightforward, in Quantrix.  The primary dimensions which are present to varying degrees throughout this model are:

►Tax Plan to represent the three plans - Current (ie current tax law), Senator McCain and Senator Obama.

►Bracket to manage the factors and assumptions which vary by tax brackets.

►Filing Status to manage the various parameters for the different statuses (Married Filing Jointly, Married Filing Separately, Head of Household, and Single).

►Year because this is a multi-year analysis where some of the key inputs, parameters and assumptions change by year.
Using the multi-dimensional framework of Quantrix, it is possible to link and cross reference along these dimensions throughout the model.
2. Formulas and Complexity
With Quantrix, there is a total of 225 formulas or "rules" driving the logic of this model.  That compares to an equivalent of 5,000 formulas in a comparable spreadsheet model.  More importantly, the logic, though complex, is easily traced and audited.  For example, here is a formula from the model:

Another example of transparency is the ability to review logic through the Dependency Inspector.  The Dependency Inspector allows users to view the precendents and dependents of any value in the model. See the screenshot below:

3. Extendibility of the model
It is quite simple to add more years, or even an alternative plan, if that is desired.  Simply add the additional dimension and the logic automatically applies.  Tasks that can take hours, days, or weeks in spreadsheets often take just a click of the mouse within Quantrix.
4. Presentation
The Presentation Canvas in Quantrix can be used to combine various components and highlights of the model into a concise interactive dashboard for individuals or groups to interact with at a desired granularity.  For example, a group could enter key inputs and view the impact of the change in outputs.

Quantrix will provide an online demonstration of the Election Taxes model to organizations upon request.  If you would like to request a demonstration, please send an email to Quantrix with your name, organization name, telephone number as well as a description of your interest in the model.  

If you would like to view other sample models which demonstrate the flexibility of Quantrix to address business challenges, please click here.

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