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Quantrix is used by financial services professionals in over 50 countries.  Five of the top ten global investment banks and many leading commercial banks, insurance companies, hedge funds, real estate investment trusts, loan originators, and others rely on Quantrix to succeed in fast-moving financial markets. 

Quantrix Modeler resolves the limitations and risks inherent with complex spreadsheet models such as accuracy, transparency, complexity and scalability.  Quantrix liberates the collective expertise of teams and consultants without the business risks caused by unapproved or unintended model changes.  It allows the financial services professional to create interactive presentations and dashboards.  But Quantrix doesn't stop there - it allows you to develop future business scenarios and model the financial impact of the business decisions you might take.

By selecting Quantrix, you receive:

A Modeling Platform that Delivers Financial Services Success
Quantrix addresses the complex business questions that are frequently faced by financial services professionals.  Quantrix Modeler's multi-dimensional modeling and analytics features allow business users to develop stand-alone and integrated models to better understand business conditions and the downstream impact of decisions.

An Extension of Your Team
Whether it is assisting a hedge fund with a portfolio model or an investment bank with a financial risk model, Quantrix Professional Services brings the expertise, resources, and "best practices" methodologies to help meet project deadlines and ensure business success. 

Support that Responds to Your Needs
Our highly responsive HelpDesk answers your functional and technical questions.   With telephone and email, Quantrix offers a number of options to solve your challenges. 

Have a question about using Quantrix for your organization?  Contact us today.

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"Quantrix provides business users in financial services with the flexible modeling and analytics capabilities to understand and respond to opportunities and threats while mitigating the risks and loss of productivity associated with spreadsheets."

Mark Smith
CEO & EVP Research
Ventana Research

Investment Banking:
5 Year Budget for Bank
Bond Pricing Model
Capital Investment Payback Model
Black Scholes Option Pricing Model
Investment Capital Budgeting Model
Option Adjusted Spread Valuation of Investment Grade Corporate Bonds
Actuarial Model for High-Yield Corporate Bonds
Risk Modeling of Mortgaged-backed Securities
Derivatives Valuation
Capital Asset Pricing Model
Interest Rate Models

Commercial Banking:
Value at Risk Model
Credit Risk Models
Cash Flow Waterfalls

Insurance Premium Forecasting
Guaranteed Investment Contracts

Real Estate:
Commercial Real Estate Valuation and Feasibility Model
CMBS Valuation

Foreign Exchange
Deal Structure Models
Currency Risk Management

Need help building a model?  Contact Professional Services at +1-207-775-0808 ext 2. 

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