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Budgetary challenges are requiring universities to rethink every aspect of their financial plans. Do you have the robust financial models your university needs to really understand what drives cash flows? Quantrix can help your institution develop accurate budgets and plans based on dynamic modeling of the key fiscal building blocks: enrollment, revenues, faculty and staff expenditures, capital expenditures and endowment funds.

Quantrix combines the usability, flexibility and dimensionality to create highly accurate models that are critical to successful university budgeting and planning.  Quantrix offers easy-to-use controls that allow university budgeting and planning staff to securely collaborate in a transparent and auditable manner.  

The following are examples of models that comprise a distributed university budgeting and planning solution:

Enrollment Planning Model which computes the annual student enrollment based on survival rates across numerous departments, student levels (undergraduate, graduate and graduate research), financing types (subsidized vs. full fee paying) and other dimensions such as a 5 year planning horizon. (Watch the Video Demo).  Quantrix also offers a service called Enrollment Insights.  Click to download datasheet.

Tuition and Grant Revenue Model
which aggregates the information from the cohort model and forms the basis for computing tuition revenues and aid grants for subsidized students.  Business rules are incorporated to reflect the change in funding schemes by government and/or other authorities.

Manpower Planning and Cost Forecast Model
which calculates and projects personnel wages and benefits cost.  The number of required instructors is directly linked to the cohort values, offering a realistic forecast of necessary faculty to maintain the targeted student-to-faculty ratios.  Additionally, support staff requirements are pegged to the appropriate faculty and student headcount drivers.

Gifts and Sponsored Research Model which projects gift flows and the direct expenditures and overhead recovery for research. If desired, the overhead model can incorporate A-21 rules for projecting the indirect cost rate.

Operating Expenses Model which provides maximum flexibility for projecting specific expenses by multiple cost drivers.  For example, facilities operating expense can be driven by square footage or by student headcount.

Capital Budgeting Model which is based on approved, planned and forecasted capital improvement requirements.  The model can be evaluated against the Cohort model to determine if the area (in square feet) of facilities would be adequate given student levels several years hence.  This model also calculates the actual contributions and any sinking fund requirements.

Investment and Endowment Planning Model
which tracks new endowments by type and purpose and is linked to authorized and planned endowment expenditures (for example, target spending rates and smoothing rules).   Additionally, the returns from various investments are allocated to capital preservation and accumulated surpluses.

To learn more about university budgeting and planning with Quantrix, view the Recorded Webinar featuring author Bill Massy or download the University Budgeting and Planning whitepaper.

Please note:  If you are a professor and wish to incorporate Quantrix into your curriculum, please contact us.
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Cohort Planning Model
Tuition and Grant Revenue Model
Manpower Planning and Cost Forecast Model
Operating Expenses Model
Capital Budgeting Model
Investment and Endowment Planning Model
"The National University of Singapore has used Quantrix to develop an integrated long-term resource planning model covering all key aspects of university revenue, expenditure, student enrolment and staffing levels. The success of the project has provided NUS with the confidence to extend the use of Quantrix to other areas of financial planning, budget preparation and monitoring."

Ajith Prasad
Director, Office of Resource Planning
National University of Singapore
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