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Quantrix offers IT professionals a more flexible and dynamic data modeling and analytics environment.  With Quantrix, you can analyze multi-dimensional data and present answers to questions more rapidly and with less complexity than two-dimensional spreadsheets.  Quantrix provides you with the forward-focused business intelligence that allows you and your team to better understand and plan for future scenarios.  Interactive presentations and dashboards allow you to dynamically present information to decision-makers.

With Quantrix, you can expect the following benefits:

► Business Intelligence combined with Business Modeling
Quantrix offers query, analyis, and reporting capabilities along with forward-focused multi-dimensional modeling. 

►Bi-directional Data and Application Integration with DataLink and DataPush
Link your models directly to data sources via DataLink and DataPush and perform 'on-the-fly' updates. DataLink and DataPush support JDBC / ODBC data sources, two dimensional matrices, Web Services / Soap, XML Data Sources, and Delimited Text Files.

Create mini-applications and custom functions as well as automate processes using the Groovy scripting language.

Interactive Presentations and Dashboards
Create high-impact, interactive presentations and dashboards for decision-makers.  The Presentation Canvas allows you to highlight important matrix views, charts, images, and annotations onto a single dynamic presentation view. 

► Faster Time-to-Answer
In-memory analytics offer superior performance for querying, filtering, and aggregating data from very large databases, including those in excess of one billion rows.

Discover New Insights
Discover previously hidden trends, relationship and points of interest with charts and visual analytics. 

Pivoting Data
Quantrix offers pivoting from the get-go.  Slice and dice data to get the perspective you need without changing models.

Unlimited Model Size
Are you a power user with a lot of data?  No worries, Quantrix Modeler offers theoretically unlimited model size. 

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"I'm pleased to see the return of products like Quantrix Modeler with a focus on accessible multidimensional modeling for business users."

Nigel Pendse
Author of The OLAP Report

"Quantrix enabled us to make a quantum leap in providing timely information to our executive management.”

Vince Caruso
VP, Merrill Lynch

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