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Enterprise Integration

Quantrix offers a suite of flexible, easy-to-use and affordable business modeling and analytics software tools designed for the business user.  Quantrix software enables professionals to build and share multi-dimensional models and analyses of the highest accuracy, transparency and integrity.   DataLink and DataPush are features that allow organizations to bi-directionally integrate Quantrix models with data sources and business applications. "On-the-fly" updates make modeling environments even more dynamic and enable real-time business understanding.  The business user can integrate models with existing databases, flat files, spreadsheets, matrices and all types of business applications via an easy-to-use Wizard - often without involving the IT department.  The illustration below represents a distributed budgeting and planning solution developed with Quantrix Modeler, DataLink, DataPush and a centralized database:

DataLink and DataPush support the following:

JDBC / ODBC Data Source – Using SQL queries, data can be retrieved from databases via JDBC or ODBC drivers. (JDBC only on OS X)

DataLink supports the following:

Delimited Text File – Data can be retrieved from a delimited text file. Supported formats include .csv delimited and tab delimited.

Two Dimensional Matrix Data – You can link matrices in your model together to drive the data from one matrix to another.

Web Services / Soap – This data link utilizes SOAP based WebServices to retrieve data.

XML Data Source – This establishes a link with any source generating well-formed XML. The actual data can come from attributes of an XML element or character data between element tags.

Contact Quantrix for more information regarding enterprise integration tools.

Looking to quickly deploy a distributed budgeting and planning solution for your organization?  Look no further!  Quantrix offers an integrated solution that combines Quantrix with a database for improved budgeting accuracy, transparency, and consolidations.

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