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Lesson Eight: Printing and Exporting Models

Quantrix offers many ways to present and share your models with others who may or may not have Quantrix installed. Continuing with the model you have built up to this point, you will now learn how to present your model in a variety of ways.

Printing the Model
You can print Quantrix models to any standard ink jet or laser printer.
    Step 1. Make Sales Projection Chart larger
      Maximize the Sales Projection chart, click on the graph in the chart, and place the mouse over the resize handles. Drag the resize arrows to make the chart bigger. Move the legend so it doesn’t “sit” on the chart area.
    Step 2. Add Title to the Chart
      Open the Format Toolbox by choosing Format > Format Toolbox from the menu. Click on the chart and then open the Title section of the format toolbox. In the Expression box, add the text, “WIDGETS PER REGION”.
    Step 3. Add Header and Footer to the Chart
      Click File > Page Setup. On the Header / Footer Tab, click on the drop-down Header list. Select Header1. Click the Edit button. Click in the “Left” box and then click the "View Name" button to insert the view name into the header. Click OK. Click on the drop down Footer list. Select Footer1. Click the Edit button. In the “Center” box, click the Date button. Click OK. Click OK again to clear the Page Setup panel.
    Step 4. Define the Page Layout for the Chart
      Click File > Page Setup. On the Page tab, change the Filter to Print Current Result. Under Scaling, select "Fit On 1 page(s) across by 1 page(s) down (1x1)". Click OK to clear the Page Setup panel.
    Step 5. Print Preview the Chart
      Click File > Print Preview. Review and close Print Preview.
Your Chart in Print Preview should look like the illustration below:

Export to Excel®
Quantrix can easily export its matrices to an Excel® (.xls) file. The exported file in Excel® is a working model file containing the Quantrix structure, data and formulas.
    Step 1. Export the model to Excel®
      Click File > Export > Excel Document. The export wizard should come up. Select the matrices you want to export, and click Next. Select the order of the matrices to be exported and click Next. Lastly, select Export formulas for cells and check to open Excel when completed. Click Finish.
    Step 2. View the Excel® file
      Note that each matrix is placed on a separate sheet in Excel®. The master sheets contain the formulas while the view sheets represent the matrices and views in the model.
Copy and Paste to Presentation Program
Quantrix can copy and paste Matrices and Charts to popular presentation programs like Microsoft Word® and Microsoft PowerPoint®. 
    Step 1. Copy the Chart
      Open the Sales Projections chart view. Click on the Chart itself, then click Edit > Copy View.
    Step 2. Link into Word®
      Open Word®. Select File > Page Setup and change your page orientation to Landscape. Click OK. Select Edit > Paste Special. In the Paste Special Dialog box, select Paste and choose the image format desired. Chart is now pasted in Word®.

Congratulations! You have completed the Quantrix Quick Guide lessons. You should now have a good basic understanding of the Quantrix Modeler environment and you are ready to use Quantrix for your business modeling needs. 

Additional Learning Resources

If you would like to learn more, please read the User Guide in the Documentation section.

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