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Lesson Five: Assumption Matrix

Add an Assumption Matrix

In many spreadsheets there is a group of cells or a sheet dedicated to assumptions. In Quantrix, assumptions are placed in their own matrix, making the assumptions easily available for changing their data, including them in formulas and presenting them. The following Illustration is an example model with the addition of an Assumptions matrix.

Now let's add an Assumptions matrix to your model.
    Step 1. Add a new matrix to your model.
      In the tool bar, click on the "New Matrix" button or in the menu bar select Insert > Matrix.
    Step 2. Name the matrix.
      In the Model Browser, (Select View > Model Browser, in the menu bar, if the Model Browser is not visible) select the current matrix name, Matrix 2. Type in the new name "Assumptions - Growth". Size and drag your matrices so that the Sales Projections matrix and your Assumptions matrix are side-by-side.
    Step 3. Link the region category.
      From the Sales Projections matrix, drag the Region category tile to the category tile area on the lower left of the Assumptions - Growth matrix.
    Step 4. Add the Assumptions category.
      In the Assumptions matrix, click on the existing unlabeled category tile and rename it Assumptions.
    Step 5. Label the item and add data.
      Click the unlabeled item and rename it "Rate." To add the data, click in the cell next to each "Region" item and enter a number, generally 1.2, 1.3, etc.
    Step 6. Delete unneeded category tiles.
      Delete the unused category tile.
    Step 7. Edit the formulas in the Sales Projections matrix to utilize the assumptions.
      In the Sales Projections matrix, in the formula editor, double-click in formula 3 to activate the editor. Drag across the "1.2" growth factor to select it. With it selected, go to the Assumptions matrix and click on the Rate item and press ENTER. Repeat for the Sales Projections formula 4.
Your matrix should now look similar to the following illustration:

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