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Lesson Six: Filters, Views & Charts

With Quantrix, you can create views and charts from any matrix. Views and Charts contain all of the structure of the matrix, but none of the formulas. Any formatting and manipulation of these views will not change the main matrix in any way. Now that we have created our projection, let's create a chart which will allow us to quickly and easily present unit sales projections by region for the next two years.

Add a Summary View
    Step 1. Add a view to your model.
      In the Model Browser (Select View > Model Browser, in the menu bar, if the Model Browser is not visible), click the Sales Projections matrix. In the tool bar, click on the "Insert Table View" button or in the menu bar select Insert > Table View.
    Step 2. Name the view.
      In the Model Browser, select the new view. Type in the new name "Summary-Sales Projections".
    Step 3. Arrange the category tiles to display the needed data.
      Drag the Quarter tile and the Type tile to the filter tray in the upper left corner of the view.
Your view should resemble the Illustration below.

Create a Chart from the Summary Sales Projections View
    Step 1. Add a chart view for the table view.
      In the Model Browser (if you can't see it, click View > Model Browser) select the Summary- Sales Projections view. Click on the Insert Chart View button or select Insert > Chart View.
    Step 2. Adjust the chart
      In the Chart View, size the chart as you prefer. Swap the positions of the two tiles by dragging the "Year" tile next to the "Region" tile. Drag the "Region" tile up to the place where the "Year" title was.
Your chart should resemble the following Illustration.

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