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Modeler Notes

Welcome to the Quantrix Modeler Notes section. Modeler Notes are a response to customer queries on how they can accomplish various tasks and address particular modeling challenges.  These tips and tricks are designed to help you become more proficient and efficient in your business modeling activities.  The current Modeler Notes selection is listed below:

Please note that Quantrix Modeler Version 5 is required (click for free trial) to view and work with any models referenced in the Modeler Notes.

Modeling Response Curves in Quantrix 
Pivoting Data with Quantrix: Two Useful Techniques
Quantrix in Corporate Budgeting
Using Expressions in Quantrix
Using a Database to Perform a Sales Analysis
Using Indirect() with Capex and Depreciation Model
Analyzing ARM vs. Fixed Mortgages with Quantrix
A Look at the Quantrix Integrated Financials Model
Leveraging the @ and # Operators in Formulas
Using Circular References with Quantrix
Converting Spreadsheets to Quantrix Models
Using Functions with a Black-Scholes Model
Using Statistical Functions in Banking
Using Quantrix in Capital Budgeting
Working with Scenario Categories

Modeler Notes are always being added.  Check back frequently for new notes.  If you wish to see a new certain topic covered, or a new note, please post your request on the Community Forum.

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