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Quantrix Modeler Professional Plus

Quantrix Modeler Professional Plus Edition is an enterprise-level business modeling and analytics solution that offers unmatched capability for forecasting, planning, budgeting, data modeling, risk modeling and more.  It is ideal for mid- to large-sized companies, the globally-integrated enterprise, teams and power users.  With robust presentation capabilities, it is a great solution for consultants and managers who present models to clients and executive decision-makers. 

Features available with the Professional Plus Edition:

    ►  Publish models to the Quantrix Qloud for online access by end users
    ►  Bi-directional data and application integration with DataLink and DataPush
    ►  Exploratory and Ad hoc analytics, modeling and visualizations with DataNAV
    ►  User Roles and Permissions for controlled and secure sharing of models 
    ► Scripting for authoring mini-applications, custom functions, and more
    ► Platform flexibility - works on Windows 32 or 64bit as well as Mac OS/X

With Quantrix Professional Plus Edition, you can expect these other features as well:

Unmatched Modeling Agility
Interactive Presentations and Dashboards
"Always on" Pivoting
Natural Language Formulas
Blazing Fast Calculation Performance
"Self-documenting" Models

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"As a co-founder and former leader of PwC UK's business modeling consultancy, and as someone who has built a career around delivering complex business models to many of the world's largest and most successful firms, I highly recommend Quantrix Modeler."

John Taylor
Planning Models Ltd.

Featured Customer

Citrix Online

Citrix Online, the collaboration software-as-a-service division of Citrix Systems, Inc., uses detailed revenue models to forecast its e-commerce and corporate businesses. Finding software that made it easy for the financial department to develop these models boosted productivity, but the real benefit for the company was the improved accuracy it achieved.
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