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As a leader in your organization, you need to have confidence in the numbers because your company's success and reputation are on the line.  That's why executives in over 50 countries rely on Quantrix Modeler for business models of the highest integrity, flexibility and accuracy. Quantrix resolves the risks and limitations associated with spreadsheets such as accuracy, transparency, dynamism, and scalability. It allows you to liberate the collective expertise of your business units and departments without the hazards of unintended and unauthorized model changes.  With Quantrix, your managers provide you with real-time, interactive presentations and dashboards for making well-informed decisions.  But Quantrix doesn't stop there - it allows you to develop future business scenarios and model the financial and operational impact of the business decisions you might take. 

With Quantrix, you can expect these benefits:

► Confidence in the Numbers
Be confident in business models where the integrity is ensured and business logic is transparent.

► Faster Time-to-Answer, Faster Time-to-Decision
Real-time models will answer your urgent business questions.

► Business Models That Drive Success

Improve business performance with more accurate, flexible and transparent forecasts, budgets, strategic plans, and other financial models.

► Interactive Presentations and Dashboards
Improve the quality of your business decisions with data-driven, visual analytics.

► New Insights for a Competitive Edge

Dynamic charts shed new light on previously hidden opportunities, relationships, trends and points of interest.

► Controlled Collaboration

Reduce the risk of unapproved and unintended changes associated with sharing spreadsheets.

► Easy Integration
Bi-directional integration of models with databases, matrices, spreadsheets, and business applications via easy-to-use DataLink and DataPush wizards.

► 'Always On' Pivoting
Pivot matrices, tables and charts with simple 'drag & drop' functionality. Gain new perspectives on data and answer “what if” questions.

► Knowledge Transfer
Build institutional knowledge with transparent, self-documenting models. 

► Get Business Benefits Now!
Forget long implementations.  Quantrix delivers business benefits from Day One.

Need help with a specific business challenge? Request a consultation at +1.207.775.0808.


"Ventana Research believes Quantrix Modeler is a useful, cost-effective tool that can make finance and line-of-business organizations more productive when it comes to any modeling, planning, budgeting or analytical task."

Robert D. Kugel CFA
Ventana Research, Inc.

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