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Quantrix offers easy-to-use and affordable business modeling and analytics software tools designed for the business user.  Quantrix products include the following:

Quantrix Modeler
- Business Modeling and Analytics software

Quantrix Modeler offers unmatched capability for forecasting, planning, budgeting, risk modeling, visual analytics and more.   Quantrix addresses the limitations and risks inherent to spreadsheets when developing business-critical models.  It allows you to tap into the collective expertise of your team without the business risks associated with sharing spreadsheets.  It also enables the business user to create interactive presentations, reports and dashboards.  But Quantrix doesn't stop there - it allows you to develop "what if" scenarios and model the financial and operational impact of the business decisions you might take. 

Quantrix Modeler is available in two editions for Windows and Mac: Professional Edition and Professional Plus EditionClick here to view the edition comparison.

The Quantrix Qloud

The Quantrix Qloud enables business users anywhere to securely access and interact with Quantrix models online.  The Qloud is ideal for companies that need to provide model access to all involved in business planning and decision-making.  It's great for consultancies too, as it allows them to develop and deliver interactive models to clients with real-time data. As a hosted solution, the Qloud frees IT departments and consultancies alike from the time and expense of supporting servers and other costly infrastructure.

Enterprise Integration with DataLink & DataPush

DataLink and DataPush enable organizations to bi-directionally integrate Quantrix models with data sources and business applications. "On-the-fly" updates make modeling environments even more dynamic by enabling real-time analysis.  The business user can integrate models with existing databases, flat files, spreadsheets, matrices and all types of business applications via an easy-to-use Wizard - often without involving the IT department.   DataLink is included with Quantrix Modeler Professional Edition and Professional Plus Edition.  DataPush is included in the Professional Plus Edition.

In-Memory Analytics with DataNAV

DataNAV is a substantial advancement for Data Navigation, Analysis, and Visualization (DataNAV), enabling both business and IT professionals to easily query data sources to develop ad hoc, exploratory, as well as structured analyses.  The combined DataNAV and Quantrix Modeler solution represents a practical and easily deployed alternative to the widespread yet highly problematic practice of pairing spreadsheets with BI tools for corporate business analysis and planning.  DataNAV is included with the Professional Plus Edition.

"Businesses are inherently multidimensional: They have product lines, business divisions and they measure results on a time scale. People ask questions about the performance of a business in terms of these multiple dimensions: "What were the Eastern region's sales of blue widgets this August compared to a year ago? How does that compare with red widgets? How did they do compared to the Central region?" Desktop spreadsheets are two-dimensional. They can be adapted to do multidimensional analysis and reporting, but doing this is time-consuming, error prone and inflexible. Quantrix gives business users the ability to work accurately and flexibly with large amounts of business data and is far easier to use than traditional business intelligence tools."

Robert D. Kugel CFA   
Senior Vice President & Research Director
Ventana Research
"Aligning Business and IT to Improve Performance"


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