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Business professionals commonly perceive the cost of spreadsheets to be minimal since they come pre-installed on their corporate desktop.  However, the true cost of spreadsheets to business would be a surprise to most.  One way to calculate these costs is by using the “Total Cost of Ownership” approach by incorporating a set of factors over a certain time period.  Factors include ongoing overheads for spreadsheet maintenance, the time and effort spent recovering from errors in business-critical models, opportunity costs associated with a loss of productivity, lengthened turn-around times for spreadsheet model changes, to name just a few.  There are other less tangible costs and risks such as errors which lead to diminished customer service (and retention), professional reputation, and competitive positioning.  This online ROI model calculates the cost of spreadsheets to your organization and makes the business case for switching to Quantrix. 

Enter your own company's information over the default values below and you'll see that Quantrix Modeler delivers significant ROI and rapid payback.  After viewing the summary results, click the "Show Detail" button for a more detailed ROI analysis.

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The Basics of Quantrix Modeler

This Video Demo is a quick introduction to Quantrix Modeler.  Learn key concepts and see how Quantrix Modeler differs from traditional spreadsheets.

>> Watch the 6 minute Video

The True Cost of Spreadsheets

The actual cost of spreadsheets to business is much higher when errors, lost productivity, lack of transparency, and other factors are calculated.  This whitepaper identifies and discusses these factors.  Reading the whitepaper before using the ROI calculator is highly recommended.

>> Download whitepaper

"Quantrix Modeler is a significant step forward in making finance and line-of-business organizations more productive when it comes to any modeling, forecasting, budgeting, planning, or analytical task."

Robert Kugel CFA
Ventana Research

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