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Please take a look at the follow sample screenshots.  Quantrix empowers business users to create dashboards, visualizations, and "what if" scenarios based on their unique modeling and reporting needs.  Click image to increase viewing size.

Production Planning Dashboard

Multi-Country Profit Analysis with FX "What if" Scenarios

Financial Simulation

Project Profitability Analysis

Drag n' Drop Business Intelligence + Business Modeling

Trend Analysis Dashboard

Complex Forecast (Electricity) - 3 million cells, 755k calculated cells, only 70 formulae!

Product Sales Dashboard

Analyst Dashboard - Gross Margin by Product and Channel

University Budgeting and Planning Dashboard

Sales Forecast with Scenarios

Gross Margin Analysis

Quantrix "Chart Grid" with In-memory Analytics and Modeling

Model Map - Visual Representation of Data Flows in Model

Model Map - Construction Project Overview

Cash Flow Forecast with "What if" Scenarios

World Cup - There are all kinds of applications for Quantrix!

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