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Quantrix Video Demos

Watch the Video Demos to see how Quantrix Modeler can help your company succeed on the forward edge of business!

Running Time
2 Minutes
Quantrix Overview

This short Video Demo highlights key benefits and capabilities of Quantrix's multi-dimensional modeling software for budgeting, planning, forecasting, financial modeling, and "what if" scenarios.

Running Time
  6 Minutes

 The Basics of Quantrix Modeler

This Video Demo is a quick introduction to Quantrix Modeler.  Learn key concepts and see how Quantrix Modeler differs from traditional spreadsheets.

Running Time
  15 Minutes

 The Quantrix Qloud

This Video Demo provides an overview of the Quantrix Qloud.  The Qloud is the Quantrix-hosted solution that enables business users anywhere to securely access and interact with Quantrix models online.

Running Time
12 Minutes

"What if" Scenarios with the Quantrix Presentation Canvas

The Presentation Canvas elevates the presentation of models to a whole new level.  Business users (not just IT) can create dynamic, interactive presentations and dashboards with "what if" scenarios for decision-makers.  The canvas allows you to highlight important matrix views, charts, images, and annotations onto a single interactive presentation view.  Proprietary 'Snap' technology precisely lines up objects on the canvas for a clean, symmetrical layout that can be presented or printed.

Running Time
  13.5 Minutes

Key Considerations in Cash Flow Forecasting

This Video Demo illustrates 3 key considerations when modeling cash flow for a business. It employs the Presentation Canvas to dynamically show the impact of variables on a business entity's cash position.

Building a Unit Sales Forecast in Quantrix

This Video Demo provides a 15 minute introduction to Quantrix Modeler. This flash tour demonstrates basic Quantrix concepts and walks through the creation of a product sales forecast.  Sit back, relax, and enjoy the Tour!

Quantrix Flash Tour

Quantrix Modeler Tutorial

You can learn a lot more about Quantrix in the time it would take to, for example, wait for a plane to begin boarding.  The 30 minute Quantrix Modeler Tutorial provides a detailed demonstration on how to build a product sales forecast and gross margin analysis.

Quantrix Flash Tutorial

Running Time
  5 Minutes
University Strategic Planning Cohort Model

This vertically-oriented Video Demo shows why Quantrix Modeler is ideal for strategic planning.  The Cohort models shows the annual student enrollment based on survival rates across numerous departments, student levels and other dimensions such as a multi-year planning horizon.

Requirements for Viewing
Additional Info
  •  Flash Tour or Tutorial will open in separate full screen window. When finished, click the 'Quit' button to close the tour.
  •  If you receive a prompt indicating that Flash viewer is not installed, click “YES” to install.

If you are having problems viewing the Product Tours, please contact Support.

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