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If the answer to either of these questions is "Yes", then Quantrix is for you.  Quantrix is a leading alternative to spreadsheets.  Quantrix not only improves speed-to-answer and decision accuracy but it also saves you time, money and headaches by eliminating the need to maintain inventories of spreadsheets.  With Quantrix, you will:

Real-world example: 18 Million spreadsheet formulas reduced to only 31 formulas in Quantrix model.  Model calculation time reduced from hours to just minutes.  The larger the model, the greater the efficiency.

Write formulas in plain English (or German, Chinese, etc.) instead of cell coordinates.  Models are easy to understand and share!


Most models can be reduced in size from between 80 to 97 percent!  Using the same customer example, the Quantrix model size was reduced by a factor of almost 40x!

Quantrix identifies errors so you don't have to.  Quantrix automatically identifies errors so you'll never let an error pass by again. 

Bi-directional data integration keeps your models up-to-date with the latest data.  Forget copy-and-paste, just click an update button.  Say goodbye to spreadsheet silos and decisions based on old data.

Eliminate "black box" models with the Quantrix Dependency Inspector. 

If you are ready to "Think Outside the Cell", it's time to give Quantrix Modeler a free try for 30 days.  Click on the link above for your quick registration!

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