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Quick Guide

The Quantrix Modeler Quick Guide is a series of lessons designed to help you quickly learn the fundamentals of Quantrix. The lessons explore the basic skills you need to produce a wide range of business models using Quantrix Modeler. It is recommended to work through these lessons in the order presented on this page.

Quick Guide lessons:
Introduction to Quantrix Modeler
Lesson One: Creating a Matrix, Categories & Items
Lesson Two: Writing SUM & SKIP Formulas
Lesson Three: Writing Quantrix Recurrence Formulas
Lesson Four: Adding More Categories and Groups
Lesson Five: Adding an Assumption Matrix
Lesson Six: Using Filters, Views and Charts
Lesson Seven: Presentation Canvas
Lesson Eight: Printing and Exporting the Model
After completing the Quick Guide, you may wish to read the more comprehensive Online Help.  You may also wish to view the Modeler Notes and Templates sections to explore more advanced modeling techniques and advanced features.

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