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Retailers and eTailers benefit from the multi-dimensional modeling and analytics capabilities of Quantrix Modeler.  Quantrix gives you the flexibility to add new dimensions such as products, stores, vendors, affiliates, regions, currencies, etc and view "what  if" scenarios without rebuilding your models!  Models require exponentially fewer formulas than spreadsheets, reducing complexity and time spent worrying about and catching errors.  It allows you to collaborate with colleagues in finance, marketing, operations, supply chain, and human resources without the business risks associated with spreadsheet modeling.  It also allows the retail business professional to create interactive presentations and dashboards.  But Quantrix doesn't stop there - it allows you to build out future scenarios and model the downstream impact of business decisions. 

By selecting Quantrix, you receive:

A Modeling Platform that Delivers Retail Success
Quantrix addresses the complex business questions that are frequently faced by retailers and etailers.  Quantrix Modeler's multi-dimensional modeling and analytics features allow business users to develop stand-alone and integrated models to better understand business conditions and trends as well as the potential impact of business decisions.

The Backing of a Highly Skilled Professional Services Organization
Whether it is assisting with revenue forecasts or modeling the response of direct mail and email initiatives, Quantrix Professional Services brings the expertise, resources, and "best practices" methodologies to help meet project deadlines and ensure business success. 

Support that Responds to Your Needs
Our highly responsive Help Desk quickly answers your functional and technical questions.   With telephone and email, Quantrix offers a number of options to solve your challenges. 

Interested in learning how Quantrix can help your retail organization, contact us today!

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Marketing Response Curve Model
Sales Analysis
Integrated Forecast Models
Cash Flow Modeling
Price Sensitivity Analysis
Inventory Modeling - LIFO/FIFO
Marketing Analytics
Consignment vs. Stock Model
Gross Margin Analysis
Perishable Goods Replishment
Carrying Costs
Slotting Fees

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"The canvas feature of Quantrix greatly expands the options for dashboards and highly formatted executive presentations."

James Scott
Business Process Manager
Coldwater Creek

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