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Quantrix Modeler for Risk Managers

Quantrix Modeler enables risk managers to understand financial and operational dynamics by modeling the impact of scenarios that could affect their business.  For example, a business manager may want to model the financial downside to revenues and profitability caused by rapid drop in demand or a price reduction by a competitor.  Quantrix provides the multidimensional modeling and analytics capabilities to help plan for a range of scenarios.

With Quantrix, you can expect these benefits:

► "What if" Scenario Analysis
Quickly and easily create assumptions and scenarios to understand and plan for the full range of possible events.

► True Multi-Dimensional Modeling Perspective
Challenges such as viewing multiple scenarios and re-arranging perspectives are handled with ease – giving you the insights into risk that you seek.

► Greater Risk Modeling Agility
Tables, dimensions and items within a risk model can be dynamically linked to assumption variables. It’s easy to introduce or modify variables without changing the structure of the risk model or even rewriting formulas.

► Easy Integration
Link your risk models directly to data sources via DataLink™ and perform 'on-the-fly' updates that make your modeling environment even more dynamic.

► Gain Confidence and Control
Eliminate the errors in logic and values that erode confidence in risk models.
► A Simple Approach to Complex Challenges
Quantrix lets you create formulas outside the cell, which exponentially reduces the number of required formulas and makes risk models easier to understand and audit. Make changes, add new dimensions, and view multiple scenarios on the fly without rebuilding models!

► Multidimensional Calculation Engine

With drag-and-drop ease, users can configure, arrange and view data in multiple combinations simultaneously while the calculation engine processes the multi-dimensional data points.

►Easy to Understand Models
Tired of writing and interpreting cryptic formulas?  With Quantrix, users write formulas in plain language, making models far easier to comprehend, trace and audit.

Need help with a specific business challenge? Request a consultation at +1.207.775.0808.

"Ventana Research believes Quantrix Modeler is a useful, cost-effective tool that can make finance and line-of-business organizations more productive when it comes to any modeling, planning, budgeting or analytical task."

Robert D. Kugel CFA
Ventana Research, Inc.

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