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Sample Models

Sample models demonstrate the variety of business modeling challenges for which Quantrix is a proven solution.  In addition to showing innovative ways to approach modeling, the models can provide guidance for your model design.  Click on a link to view additional details and to download the model.  Please note that Quantrix Modeler Version 5 is required (click for free trial) to view and work with the models. 

Non-Financial Sample Models

Demo Models

Financial Models

Sales Analysis with Dashboard and Direct Connection to Database
This model leverages DataPush and the open source database H2.  Model includes a direct connection to database for rapid access of data.
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 Multi-Company and Multi-Currency Model
This financial model incorporates multiple companies as well as multiple currencies.

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 Financial Planning Model
This model provides a structure for a multi year business financial planning model with a detailed sales and gross margin calculation for multiple products. Schedules to track production costs, operating costs and labor costs are built into the model.
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Commercial Real Estate Valuation and Feasibility Model

This model shows a typical analysis to estimate the value of commercial property and to project future financial results for a 10 year holding period. This model calculates for two properties, but could easily be expanded to handle more. This model is based on a spreadsheet model created by Questor Consulting and can be found here. Commercial Real Estate image

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Bond Pricing Model
This model calculates the bond price and par amount owned for multiple bond types, yields and lengths of bonds. This model can be easily expanded to include more types of bonds at varying yields under different scenarios.
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Payroll Quarterly Tax Reporting Model
This model allows for input of a SMB payroll and withholding amounts for each pay period. The model summarizes employee withholdings on a quarterly basis and the employer's share of Social Security and Medicare taxes. The model also calculates the employer's unemployment tax for the year allowing for easy quarterly tax reporting.
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Accounts Receivable Payment Planning Model
By utilizing the INDIRECT function, this model uses the customers historical payment habits to calculate projected cash flow from sales.
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Capital Investment Payback Model
This model analyzes the length of time between an initial investment and the recovery of the investment from its annual cash flow. Multiple investment scenarios are layered into the model. Investment Payback

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Financial Ratio Analysis Model
This template contains a quarterly income statement, balance sheet and a matrix that calculates the relevant financial ratios. (Earnings per Share, Gross Margin, Quick Ratio, etc.) Multiple companies are layered into the model for easy side-by-side analysis.
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Discounted Cash Flow for Business
This model contains a Discounted Cash Flow analysis that can be used to evaluate an investment opportunity. Multiple companies are layered into the model to easily compare different investment opportunities. DCFforBusiness

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Investment Banking Model
This model is built using statistical functions provided in Quantrix Modeler to analyze the return of a portfolio with a given level of risk. Learn more about this model here.
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Black Scholes Option Pricing Model
Use this Quantrix model to determine option values using the Black-Scholes Model. Learn more about this model here.

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Investment Capital Budgeting Model
This simulates a complex model that calculates the return and risk scenarios of financing particular investment projects. Learn more about this model here. wind power template

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Loan Amortization with Scenarios Model
One of the most powerful concepts of Quantrix is demonstrated in this model where scenario categories analyze different "What-If" situations in a Loan Amortization problem. Learn more about this model here.
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Balance Sheet Model
This model was created using copy and paste techniques from a two-dimensional spreadsheet. Learn more about this model here.
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Integrated Financial Statements Model
This model is an example of an integrated financial statement with a balance sheet, income statement and discount cash flow analysis. Integrated financials

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Time Roll Up Model
This model demonstrates how to incorporate Years, Months and Quarters time elements into your models and write formulas to create Quarterly and Yearly summaries.
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Management Summary  Model
This model demonstrates a technique to take raw sales data and roll up into summary matrices based on the class or group the sales data is part of.
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Inter-model formulas example
Using inter-model formulas, this set of models shows how division model data can be rolled up into a master model. Download and unzip the files into the same directory to see these models in action.

Range Data Categories Model
This model shows a technique of categorizing data into range "buckets" using the SELECTGREATERTHAN function.
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 Cumulative Total Model
This model uses Recursion formulas to calculate a cumulative total for data over a series of months. This model also demonstrates advanced recursion techniques to get data totals for First 3, Next 3, Previous 3 and Last 3 months.
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Circular Reference Model A circular reference is needed when determining federal and state taxes when the two calculations depend on each other. Learn how to control circular references in Quantrix by downloading this file and reading the associated Modeler Note.
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 Student Grading Model
This model shows a method in grading and ranking students test scores over two sessions and a final grade. This is a good example of the use of the SELECT and RANK function to sort the grade results.
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Major League Baseball Statistics Model
This is a fun model that takes the individual player statistics from the 2004 Major League Baseball season and calculates the top 10 teams in batting statistics. Extensive use of the SELECT and RANK functions are used in this model. These functions work great when you have a large data set that you need to extract summary group statistics from. You can view an HTML export of this model by clicking here.
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Automatic vs. Manual Summary Items Model
This model shows the difference between automatic and manual summary items and how to use SKIP and IF statements in a model.

Unique Rank Model
The standard RANK function found in typical spreadsheet applications is also included with Quantrix Modeler. One of the issues with the RANK function is that it assigns equal ranks to duplicate values, which is not always desirable. This template shows how you can use the RANK function to assign unique ranks by adding conditions to the formula.
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World Cup 2014 model
This model tracks the scores and rankings of the 2014 World Cup teams. For more information see this Quantrix Blog post.

Analysis of diprotic acids for fixed pH model
This model performs a multi-dimensional analysis of diprotic acids and includes a chart of fractional composition [á(H2A), á(HA-) and á(A2-)] relative to pH. You can also view a Dynamic HTML presentation of this analysis by clicking here.

Recursion relations in population genetics model
This spreadsheet simulates the behavior of a population of diploid organisms having two alleles (A & a) for a given gene where the viabilities of the homozygotes AA and aa and the heterozygote Aa may be different.
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Converting a uniform distribution into a normal distribution model
This model demonstrates how to convert a uniform distribution into a normal distribution. The model uses the Rand() function to generate a probability between 0 and 1 and the Norminv() function to convert that probability into an occurrence within a normal distribution based on a defined mean and standard deviation. The model also charts the results to illustrate the distribution of occurrences calculated with this logic. Inverse distribution functions such as Norminv() are available for most probability distributions, and could be used similarly to convert a uniform distribution.


Comparison of population growth in the US and China
An interesting model that compares the projected population growth rates of China and the United States. Export this model to HTML for an interesting presentation.

 Rolling Average Model
This template shows a rolling average calculation for an interest rate problem, all with one formula!

Flash Tour Cars Model
This model shows an expanded version of the Quantrix model file built during the flash tour which you can view here.

Completed Flash Tutorial Model
This is the completed model file built during the flash presentation of the tutorial, which you can download here.
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If you are having any problems uploading and installing sample models, please contact Support
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