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Do you need flexibility to grow?  Small businesses need to be nimble and adapt to changing conditions to survive and thrive.  Quantrix empowers small business with the insights and competitive advantage previously only available to the largest, most successful corporations.  Quantrix Modeler enables small business owners to model and plan for their their most pressing challenges and growth opportunities.  Quantrix gives you the flexibility to make changes and add new dimensions such as products, services, months, regions, currencies, etc and view "what  if" scenarios without completely rebuilding your models!  It's designed for the business user - so you don't need an IT department to get started.  Importantly, Quantrix Modeler is priced within reach of most businesses and startups and can be self-taught with online training materials.

By selecting Quantrix, you receive:

A Modeling Platform that Helps Small Business Grow
Quantrix addresses the complex business questions that are frequently faced by small business.  Quantrix Modeler's multi-dimensional modeling and analytics features allow business users to develop stand-alone and integrated models to better understand business conditions and the potential impacts of business decisions.

The Backing of a Highly Skilled Professional Services Organization
Whether it is help with a forecast model or assistance with a set of integrated financial models for investors, Quantrix brings the expertise, resources, and "best practices" methodologies that ensure business success. 

Highly Responsive Customer Support
With telephone and email, Quantrix HelpDesk quickly answers your functional and technical questions. 

Interested in learning how Quantrix can help your small business, contact us today!

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"Ventana Research believes Quantrix Modeler is a useful, cost-effective tool that can make finance and line-of-business organizations more productive when it comes to any modeling, planning, budgeting or analytical task."

Robert D. Kugel CFA
Ventana Research, Inc.

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