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"I expect Turner Analysis & Advisory to become known as a company that uses Quantrix to deliver the best possible modeling solutions."

        - Philip Turner, Managing Director

Simple ideas can become complicated in the financial modeling process when traditional, two-dimensional spreadsheet tools are used. Turner Analysis & Advisory, a European management consulting firm based in Warsaw, specializes in business modeling and transaction advisory services and is delivering powerful, complex analysis in a simple way using Quantrix Modeler.

Turner Analysis & Advisory conducts financial forecasting and analytical projects, often to support the execution of corporate finance transactions. Its international clients represent a range of industries, including energy, telecommunications and transportation. “Companies in these sectors are making big-ticket investments with long pay-back periods," says Philip Turner, Managing Director of Turner Analysis & Advisory. "Success in financing requires clear, sound financial forecasts.”

In December 2003, Turner discovered Quantrix Modeler, a desktop software modeling solution developed by the Portland, ME-based Quantrix for the specialized needs of the professional financial community. "I quickly became very excited,” says Turner. “Quantrix is multi-dimensional and separates the formulae from the cells, an extremely powerful combination that lends itself to very elegant and effective modeling.”

All businesses require multi-dimensional analysis of factors such as location, supplier, type of customer, level of consumption, season in the year, and even the time of day. In a traditional two-dimensional spreadsheet, analyzing these factors often leads to huge and unwieldy models. "It’s like pushing a square peg into a round hole," says Turner. "With a lot of effort you might manage it, but no one is particularly satisfied with the result." He converted the company's power trading model for the SwePol Link, an undersea electricity transmission link between Poland and Sweden, from Excel to Quantrix. The new model is more informative and flexible, the structure is simpler, and the file is one-tenth of the original size.

In Quantrix, formulas exist outside the cell and are applied across zones of data, making it easy to incorporate changes and avoid errors. In addition, Quantrix formulas use clear language rather than cell coordinates, allowing the user to follow the underlying logic of the model without any difficulty. "Analytical power is built into the structure and syntax of a Quantrix model," says Turner. "In a traditional spreadsheet, a model involving a lot of data and several scenarios often becomes complicated and hard to follow because of the limitations of the structure and the cell reference syntax. In Quantrix, a complex model can have a simple structure."

Turner also used Quantrix to develop a monthly forecasting model for an open access rail-freight operator, a start-up business facing a very dynamic set of challenges. “We turned to Quantrix to enable our client to build its financial forecasts on the basis of actual and expected customer contracts, rolling stock purchases, and financing transactions," says Turner. "All these things are interdependent and changing daily -- only with Quantrix could we create a tool that our client could keep up to date without significant ongoing involvement on our side." Extending the structure of such a model to include a new customer contract is a time consuming, expert-level task using traditional spreadsheet tools. In Quantrix, only a single keystroke is needed, and there is no practical limit to the number of contracts that can be added in this way.

Turner has used Quantrix Modeler on projects in the electricity, petrochemical and rail sectors, and is aiming to use Quantrix as the primary platform for delivering complex financial forecasting models to clients. "I expect Turner Analysis & Advisory to become known as a company that uses Quantrix to deliver the best possible modeling solutions," says Turner. "Quantrix will be an increasingly important part of our business."

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