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Data Informed, June 2013

Developing a Legal Risk Model for Big Volumes of Unstructured Data >> Read the article

A not-so-hidden secret in information management is the out-of-control growth of unstructured data in corporate America. Millions of data files are stashed in loosely tracked and managed sources such as email, social media sites, and SharePoint, and the contents of these massive repositories are often poorly managed and understood. This article by Quantrix customer, John Montana, outlines how his firm uses Quantrix to manage information risk for his clients in regulated industries.

AOL Energy, April 2013

Big Data Dives Clarify California Power Markets >> Read the article

Power Market Consulting uses Quantrix technology to model congestion revenue rights transactions.  Henry Shin says that once the technology, which allows him to query the data and to share it securely when he wants to, is shown to clients they generally want to extend it to other areas of the enterprise.

STORES Magazine, March 2013

Change on the Fly >> Read the article

Inventory planning is just one element of a consumer product company's overall fiscal picture, but for Far Bank Enterprises, it also provides the foundation for business forecasting.  By using Quantrix to develop a top-down/bottom-up hierarchical model, the company is building a detailed financial planning model to drive its business decisions moving forward.


Insight Magazine, Fall 2012

IT and the Modern CFO >> Read the article

Information technology is a common thread that weaves through all aspects of an organization. It facilitates data sharing and analysis in all departments, from payroll to production. Due to its omnipresent nature, it’s critical for today’s CFOs to be intimately versed in areas such as cloud computing, information management and data security, and they need to understand the associated risks and benefits.


Business Finance, June 2012

Overcoming Unproductive Time in Budgeting, Forecasting and Planning >> Read the article

It's no secret that business and finance professionals are spending too much time on mundane tasks, and not enough on delivering insight and other value-added activities. A new survey has found that the problem is only getting worse, driven in part by overreliance on tools such as spreadsheets that are quick to set up, but extraordinarily time-consuming to manipulate in order to get reliable information.
___________________________________________________________________________________________, May, 2012

Study Finds Finance Professionals Turning to Software Tools to Improve Forecasting and Budgeting >> Read the article

A startling number of business and finance professionals still rely on spreadsheets for their planning, forecasting and budgeting processes. Quantrix, a global provider of business modeling and analytics solutions, conducted a recent survey of 158 organizations to analyze the business challenges resulting from the use of spreadsheets and identify organizational constraints for adopting software solutions. Kathleen Goolsby talked with David Phillips, marketing manager at Quantrix, about the survey findings detailed in the report.


Ventana Research, February, 2012

It's Getting Easier to Go Beyond Spreadsheets for Modeling >> Read the article

One trend in business software that’s still in its early stages but gathering momentum is the availability of modeling tools that fill the gap between desktop spreadsheets and enterprise systems. Granted this “early stage” has been under way for quite some time, but the technology has finally progressed to the point where I expect it to get increasing market traction.


CFO World, September, 2011

Finance's Love/Hate Feelings for Excel >> Read the article

CFO World interviews Steven Bailey, director of finance at Dynasplint Systems Inc., a durable medical equipment company, about his perspective on spreadsheets.  Bailey states "“Anyone can put whatever data they want into the spreadsheet. Spreadsheets are full of subjectivity and have varying quality and validity”. The drawbacks of spreadsheets have led him to be a fervent user of more sophisticated BI and reporting tools. A former employee of Quantrix, he prefers its software for its validation and versioning features. “You can look at one formula and validate more than 30% of calculations. It’s a more efficient way of reviewing models."

Business Finance, June 2011

Spreadsheets Head for the Clouds >> Read the article

For businesses that do heavy-duty financial modeling beyond the scope of the typical spreadsheet, for example, Quantrix Modeler is a desktop-installed app that can create data-intensive models.  These, in turn, can be shared securely with co-workers, partners, or other designated people via a Web portal called Quantrix Qloud.

Computerworld, April 2011

Budgeting by Hand >> Read the article

"I realize we're a long way from the days of pen-and-paper ledgers. But we're also, it seems, far from taking full advantage of the tools available today to ease financial tasks."

Read the rest of Sara Gittlen's article

Business Finance, April 2011

Creating your Tax Database of Record >> Read the article

Tax professionals spend a great deal of their time performing manual and semi-manual recordkeeping and analytical tasks. Much of the work takes place in desktop spreadsheets, which means that people are spending a great deal of time checking for errors and correcting them. Because information typically is scattered around the department and various parts of the company, assembling data often is time-consuming and involves a great deal of duplicated effort. All of this requires the time of people your company is paying to be tax specialists, not spreadsheet jockeys.

Computerworld, January 2011

Why Some Companies are Ditching Their Spreadsheets >> Read the article

Old ways of working with spreadsheets are giving way to a broad range of online software and services meant to either extend the capabilities of basic spreadsheet programs or to obviate the need for them.

The new tools add sharing, automation and data analysis functions to existing spreadsheet applications. Some customers are turning to other tools, including CRM and analytics software, to supplement or replace their spreadsheets., May 2010

Building a Better Approach for Budgeting and Planning >> Read the article

Quantrix CEO, Chris Houle, explains how IT and business can stop trading power positions regarding the budgeting and planning process and start working together.

Campus Technology, March 2010 

Quantrix Builds Higher Ed Models To Analyze Student Enrollment >> Read the article

Quantrix, which sells modeling and analysis tools for a number of industries, recently launched Enrollment Insights for higher education. This set of customizable planning models provides numeric information about student enrollment for use in budgeting and strategic planning., January 2010

Entrepreneur, blogger and Quantrix customer, Lang Riley, recently launched a new blog called the Entrepreneurial Life.  Lang's interview with Quantrix marketing manager, David Phillips, covers a number of topics related to Quantrix history and progress over the years.  Please take a moment to read the interview

Telecom Engine, December 2009

Funding Broadband: Telcos enter unchartered waters >> Read the Article

Civitium is working with Quantrix, a vendor that helps companies develop business models. Broadband applicants working with Civitium are able to take advantage of the Quantrix Modeler software solution, a business modeling and analytics tool.

MaineBiz, November 2009

Quantrix a Quiet Presence in Stimulus Efforts >> Read the Article

A software company in Portland is playing a small but supportive role in the nationwide grab for stimulus funds. Quantrix, an eight-year-old company that develops analysis tools, is partnering with a Georgia consulting firm to speed along applications for money to boost broadband.


 TDWI, August 2009

Q&A: Making the Leap from Spreadsheets to Models >> Read the Interview

TDWI asks CEO of Quantrix to explain the difference between spreadsheet and modeling tools, the pros and cons of each toolset, and how business users can determine when it’s time to make the leap.

BeyeNetwork, June 2009

DataNAV Solution Spotlight  >>View the Interview

Mary Jo Nott, Executive Editor of the BeyeNETWORK, interviews Quantrix CEO Chris Houle to learn about the new DataNAV performance query, analysis, and visualization tool.


Ventana Blog, June 2009

Quantrix Advances Modeling and Analytics with Data Navigation >> Read the Blog

"The combination [Quantrix Modeler and DataNAV] gives business analysts and also supporting data analysts (as well as IT professionals and others) the need to easily access and use enterprise data, but don’t want to (or can’t) use traditional BI software a tool that enables them to use data contained in enterprise data bases productively."

Mortgage Technology, March 2009

Modeling Ups Transparency   >>Read the Full Article

Lenders are modifying loans in unprecedented numbers, but need transparent modeling tech to evaluate assumptions and reduce redefault risks. Quantrix examines mortgage modifications and provides an online model for lenders.


DM Review, November 2008

The Cardinal Rule: Data Modeling Matters!  >> Listen to the radio show recording (registration required)

At the heart of every information system, you'll find the same core: a data model. Why should you care? Proper data modeling makes the trains run on time, it keeps analysts analyzing, queries humming, operations moving right along. In short, a well defined data model can make all the difference in the business world.

Tune into this episode of DM Radio to learn all about the many ways that data modeling can improve your business. We'll talk to information management guru Dave Wells, plus Matt Creason of Sybase and Chris Houle, CEO of Quantrix.

Business Finance Magazine, November 2008,   >>Quick Fixes for Your Spreadsheet Snags

In this article, Robert Kugel of Ventana Research, discusses the drawbacks of spreadsheets and offers a chart showing alternatives for various business tasks, including modeling.  Spreadsheets possess inherent technological flaws that suit them poorly to many repetitive and collaborative business functions. Yet users long have ignored all advice to replace spreadsheets. 


National Media Coverage for Sponsored and Modeled by Quantrix

WHILE the presidential candidates are competing with each other over plans to bail out home mortgages across the country, pity the suffering renters of New York who are left out in the cold.

>> Read the Full Article


Adding up Obama's tax calculator

Williams of the Tax Policy Center recommends a Web site called Election Taxes, which was created by Jeff Gramlich, a professor of accounting at the University of Southern Maine.

>> Read the Full Article


Senator John McCain just announced a proposal to slash capital gains taxes by fifty percent. Barack Obama says he'll cut income taxes for 95 percent of Americans. Which is best? Both candidates of course have lots of other proposals, from tax credits for health insurance to others for saving for retirement. On our program, we'll compare all of them and get some analysis on what they would mean for your family and for our country. Be sure to join us Wednesday morning at 9.

>>Listen to the Radio Show recording


Fox 31 Colorado Television


New York Times

Washington Times


Business Finance Magazine, July 2008

Numbers in the Sun >> Read the Full Article

Chris Houle, Quantrix CEO, was interviewed by Business Finance Magazine regarding the growing number of financial executives who are taking a more holistic approach to budgeting and placing greater emphasis on budgeting for the cash flow statement and balance sheet, as well as the income statement.


Business Finance Magazine, July 2008

The New Brood of Best-of-Breed >> Click for article

Today's Best-of-Breed software market offers more to dazzle CFOs than ever before. The pace of innovation is fierce, slackening only when vendors pause to digest their gains after the waves of consolidation that periodically sweep over each sector.


Electric Light & Power, May 2008

Integrating Business Processes: Modeling financial settlements in deregulated electricity markets
>> Click for article

Quantrix Partner, Henry Shin, discusses the modeling of financial settlements in the deregulated electricity markets.



B-Eye Network, May 2008

Quantrix Modeler Delivers BI Tools that Solve Real World Problems >> Listen to the Podcast

Leading Business Intelligence Network Interviews Quantrix CEO Chris Houle



The Maine Switch Magazine, February 2008

Success Stories  >> Read the full story

Weekly magazine in Maine interviews Peter Murray, Quantrix CTO. 



Financial Executive Magazine, December 2007

A Little Refinement Goes a Long Way

The article examines how refinements to forecasting and budget techniques can boost business performance.  The article discusses how all too many CFOs rely on rote procedures without stopping to ask the most fundamental question: what business question will this model answer? This article outlines new approaches to help financial executives refocus their energies on developing budgets and forecasts that provide true business insight.



MaineBiz, December 2007

Risk and Reward   >> Access the Full Article (Registration Required)

Mainebiz Peter Murray, the founder and chief technology officer of Portland software developer Quantrix, says many venture capital firms asked his company to leave the state. But he resisted. "I'm in Maine because I want to be in Maine," he says. "The thing that Maine has going for it is the quality of place. Entrepreneurs want to be here, but not because there's lots of venture capital."



SMB Finance Magazine, July/August 2007

If You Build It...    >> Read the Full Article

SMB Finance logo Whether you’re a road-weary budgeter with years of successful experience under your belt, starting out with a new company, or implementing a financial plan, there are myriad options to consider when it comes to creating and working with a successful budget.



Mortgage Technology Magazine, June 2007

Mitigating Risks with Analytics    >> Read the Full Article

Mortgage Technology Offering a real-time tool to deal with a volatile market, analytics software vendor Quantrix here will provide a modeling interface for risk-analytics firm Andrew Davidson and Co. The partnership between Quantrix and ADCo will deploy the Quantrix Modeler as the interface for ADCo's new LoanDynamics Mortgage Credit Model to serve fixed-income investors in the mortgage-based securities industry.


Computerworld, November 2006

Excel hits the wall with multidimensional calculations    >> Read the Full Article

Computerworld Chris Houle, CEO of Subx Inc., which does business under the name Quantrix, claims that Excel “hits a snag” beyond two dimensions of data. Houle brags that his company’s data modeling software can handle 16 dimensions within what Quantrix calls a matrix.



SDA Asia Magazine, May 2006

Quantrix Modeler Financial Modeling Software v2.1 Unveiled    >> Read the Full Article

SDA Quantrix has taken the lid off version 2.1 of its desktop quantitative modeling software application, Quantrix Modeler. This new version includes a Quantrix Application Programming Interface (QAPI) that enables OEM developers to embed Quantrix into their own applications. The new version also offers operational features that focus on improving users’ productivity and ease of use.



CFO Magazine, January 2006

Simplicity is Golden    >> Read the Full Article Cell Hell - Of course, the most popular modeling software in the business galaxy hardly qualifies as user-friendly. While Microsoft Excel does provide a formidable amount of analytical muscle, the advantage tends to fade as models grow more complex. That's particularly frustrating for power users.



Metamac Magazine, September 2005

Excel Reloaded 
   >> Read Full Article

Metamac  Microsoft ist mit Excel unbestrittener Marktführer bei den Tabellenkalkulationen, obwohl das Programm intern auf sehr alte Technik setzt. Der Quantrix Modeler,der seinen Ursprung in der NeXT-Welt hat, schickt sich nun an, die Userschaft vom Wechsel zu überzeugen. metamac unterhielt sich mit Gründer Chris Houle.

PC Magazine, June 2005

Beyond Excel    >> Read the Full Article

PC Mag Imagine a spreadsheet program that breaks the dominant row/column, A1-style paradigm that VisiCalc established way back in 1979. One that lets you specify calculations with just a few centralized formulas, using standard business terminology like Profits = Sales Costs, rather than duplicating sometimes cryptic formulas in individual cells. One that nimbly handles multiple dimensions—quarters and years, sales regions, product lines—and lets you manipulate them, Excel PivotTable-style. If it were 1991, you might think we were trying to evoke Lotus Improv, may it rest in peace. Today, there's a newer product that provides a similar set of analytical tools: Quantrix Modeler.



CIO Magazine, May 2005

Making It On Their Own 
   >> Read the Full Article

CIO magazine  End user developers are everywhere. The key is getting them to
work for you.


TechTarget, May 2005

Quantrix Takes on Excel    >> Read the Full Article


Tech target The Quantrix Modeler is part of a larger trend of new products designed to help companies improve their business and planning models -- and replace traditional spreadsheets. Companies like Hyperion Solutions Corp., Cognos Inc. and FRx have released similar products.


PC Magazine, May 2005

What's the Big Deal?    >> Read the Full Article

PC Mag As far as office productivity applications go, spreadsheets are the most mature category. But while they're great for many tasks, people use them for things that they weren't really designed for. And there are areas of financial modeling where spreadsheets aren't the best approach. So I'm happy to see a number of applications that take the spreadsheet concept in new directions.

Interface Tech News, March 2005

The Quantrix Dimension of Spreadsheets    >> Read the Full Article

Interface Tech If you have reason to be worried about your heart and want the best possible advice and care, you probably shouldn’t rely solely on your family physician or general internist—you should be looking for a cardiologist, too. By the same token, if you have complex models and computations to do for your business, maybe you shouldn’t try to get what you need from a traditional spreadsheet application like Microsoft Excel.

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