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Model Re-Engineering

Spreadsheet conversion
Ready to move beyond cumbersome, error-prone spreadsheet models?  Quantrix can help you get there!  Quantrix specialists are experts in re-engineering active and legacy corporate spreadsheets into multi-dimensional models. Our specialists are skilled in spreadsheet applications, formula development, and techniques for re-engineering spreadsheets to harness the agility and transparency of Quantrix Modeler. This service is often the most cost-effective means for organizations to implement and realize the business benefits of Quantrix Modeler.

Quantrix offers the following spreadsheet re-engineering services:
  • Re-engineering of Legacy and Active Spreadsheet Models
  • Model Documentation
  • Error Detection and Correction
  • Formula Rationalization
Quantrix understands that spreadsheets contain proprietary company financial data and is committed to client confidentiality. 

For more information on model re-engineering services, please call Quantrix at  +1-207-775-0808.

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