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The Quantrix Partner Program helps create rich solutions and services for a broad range of applications and markets. Quantrix works with partners to bring even greater value to customers through solutions that address specific business and modeling needs. Partnering with Quantrix can provide a competitive advantage as our customers represent the top financial and quantitative modeling professionals for many of the world's leading companies and institutions.

Our Partners extend the reach of Quantrix to provide localized product and support to customers in over 50 countries. Many of our partners have consultants with strong industry domain knowledge who can employ Quantrix Modeler to deliver value-added professional services.

Quantrix Partners
take5people Take5People Limited is an application and solution provider focusing on the fast-growing Asian market, particularly the Greater China region. Take5People is an authorized reseller of Quantrix Modeler in China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan.

Contact: Alsen Hsien, Email: Quantrix@Take5People.com, Phone: +86 21-6386-0262

Planning Models Ltd helps companies to achieve higher levels of performance through the use of computer models. We develop models which enable our clients to analyze business performance, project future revenues and costs, explore alternative strategies, evaluate investment opportunities and build plans for growth and profit improvement.

Contact: John Taylor, Email: info@planningmodels.co.uk, Phone: +44 20-7193-0968
bpro Business Pro is a business consultancy and software reseller that serves the Mexican and Latin American market. The company was founded by Armando Gonzalez, who has many years consulting and implementing forecasting and demand planning solutions. He also lectures on statistical forecasting and planning.

Contact: Armando Gonzalez, Email: info@bprogroup.com, Phone: +52 (55)-1107-8269
century-software Based in Sydney, Australia, Century Software is an international organization that develops and deploys technology based business solutions to customers in corporate, government and retail industries. Century is an authorized reseller of Quantrix Modeler in Australia and Southeast Asia.

Contact: Michael Fox, Email: Michael@centurysoftware.com.au, Phone: +61 2-9460-1422
tesser Tesser Consulting Group has over 15 years of Quantrix business modeling experience including planning, budgeting, capital budgeting/project finance, sales and operational planning, data modeling, and data analytics. We have experience in many industries including engineering, financial services, manufacturing, high tech, retail and more.

Email: info@tesserem.com, Phone: +1 617-500-8502
ess Essla International is a leading regional implementation and consulting services group. Founded by finance and IT professionals, Essla specializes in multi-dimensional finance, with a successful record of applying avant-garde methodologies in value creation, financial modeling, consolidation and strategy. Essla markets products and services mostly in North, South and Central America and the Caribbean.

Visit www.essla.com, Contact: Ernesto Seijas, Email: e.seijas@essla.com, Phone: +58 (212)-915-2177
ingegna Ingegna Finanza is a business advisory firm focused on management and strategy consulting, financial services and valuation services. Our way is to develop tailored solutions and services focused to our customers needs. Our aim is to turn our clients' firms into succesful enterprises.

Visit www.ingegnafinanza.it, Phone: +39 348-8512811 or +39 0432-611590
misnet Value. Realized. Consistently delivering on its maxim, MISNet has assisted organizations in designing, implementing, supporting and realizing value from Enterprise Performance Management, Price Management, Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing solutions. With close to 100 consultants and offices in Australia, Singapore and the Philippines, MISNet has assisted organizations, as large as Fortune 500 companies, across over 10 countries in the past 17 years. We may be able to assist you.

Visit www.misnet.com.au, Email: ericn@misnet.com.au, Phone +61 2-8005-0782
civitium Civitium is the leading management and technology consulting firm for the public broadband market. Civitium has advised on a range of business, technology and public policy issues for more than 100 clients around the world.

Visit www.civitium.com, Phone: +1 678-595-3085
indigo Indigo New Zealand is one of the leading professional services firms in Australasia focused exclusively on Enterprise Performance Management, Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing solutions. With close to 20 permanent staff, Indigo ranks among the largest specialized EPM/BI consultancies in New Zealand. We help clients quickly and easily gather, organize, and deliver the information needed to make reliable, timely decisions and create effective business processes, creating a more efficient, competitive and empowered organization.

Our specialty is in solving enterprise wide problems; providing decision-makers at all levels of the organization and across all disciplines with the trusted information they need to make more informed and timely decisions.

Visit www.indigo.co.nz, Phone +64 9-373-1400
ingemax Ingemax is a consulting firm specializing in business modeling and business analysis, based in Santiago, Chile. Ingemax´s goal is to help our customers to reason, plan, predict, solve problems, think abstractly, innovate, and learn in ways that increase organizational knowledge, inform decision-making processes, enable effective actions, and help to establish and achieve business goals. Ingemax has worked successfully in Latin America with Quantrix on a wide range of projects within the airline, electricity, pulp and paper, highway traffic and transport industries.

Contact: Max Jungjohann, Senior Consultant, Email max.jungjohann@ingemax.com, Phone +56 (2)-570-98-00 or Robert Jungjohann, Commercial Manager, Email robert.jungjohann@ingemax.com, Phone: +56 (9)-9158-8110
powermarket Power Market Consulting, Inc. provides regulatory and business systems consulting services in the wholesale electric power market. Based in Brea, CA, the company has extensive experience in the development and implementation of energy settlement systems with transaction values in multi-billions of dollars.

Phone: +1 (714)-635-7650
celsoft Celsoft Corporation, is Africa’s leading financial modeling services company based in Southern Africa with experience in financial modeling, training and model development consultancy services. We transform the efficiency and effectiveness of African professionals with cutting-edge financial modeling skills as well as robust and dynamic financial models strictly designed with Quantrix Modeler. We focus on management accounts, budgeting and forecasting, reconciliations, data analysis and many more.

Visit www.celsoftcorporation.com, Email: celsoft@celsoftcorporation.com, Phone: +263 4 2933776 or +263 772 746 329