Quantrix Hosted Qloud

Quantrix Qloud enables you to securely access and interact with Quantrix models online wherever you are. Qloud is ideal for companies that need to provide model access to everyone involved in business planning and decision-making. It's great for consultants too, who can share interactive models with clients using real-time data.

As a Quantrix-hosted solution, Qloud frees your organization from the time and expense of supporting server hardware and other costly infrastructure.

Quantrix Hosted Qloud - Key features

  • Publish your desktop models to Qloud and collaborate with colleagues and clients anywhere with an internet connection. No subscription required for Qloud users.
  • View and edit multidimensional business and financial models via a web browser
  • Update models on Qloud and perform ‘what if’ scenarios
  • Ensure decision-makers are working with real-time data and up-to-date model versions
  • Set permissions that define what users can view and edit
  • Reduce IT overhead - no need to install desktop software or manage servers

To view a Quantrix Model on Qloud please click here!

Quantrix Hosted Qloud – Annual Subscription Options

All subscriptions are per user per year, include technical support and servers will be maintained with the latest Qloud software. Models uploaded and shared via a view-only public URL do not count against the Qloud user limit. Quantrix Hosted Qloud model storage starts at 20MB and allows up to 4MB maximum model size per published model. 

Contact customerservice@quantrix.com for additional upload size options and pricing.

For a free trial to share models to the Qloud and to obtain user pricing information please email customerservice@quantrix.com.

Technical Description
  • Integrated with Quantrix for user management and access control
  • Modelers can set which parts of the model they want different groups to use. One model can be used by many different groups or multiple models can be deployed and aggregated to a master model via Qloud to desktop DataLinks.
  • Full support for canvases and perspectives on the web. Allows users to create great-looking presentations of data
  • No software downloads as only a web browser is needed.