Quantrix Modeler

By addressing the limitations and risks inherent to spreadsheets when developing business-critical models, Quantrix allows you to tap into the collective expertise of your team. It offers unmatched capability for forecasting, planning, budgeting, risk modeling and visual analytics, and also allows you to develop ‘what if’ scenarios and model the financial and operational impact of business decisions. Sharing your insight couldn’t be easier through the creation of interactive presentations, reports and dashboards.  

Integrate data sources for powerful analytics

You can integrate models with multiple data sources including existing databases, flat files, spreadsheets, matrices and all types of business applications via an easy-to-use Wizard - often without involving the IT department. The combined DataNAV and Quantrix Modeler solution also represents a practical and easily deployed alternative to the widespread yet highly problematic practice of pairing spreadsheets with business intelligence tools for corporate business analysis and planning. 

‘On-the-fly’ updates make modeling environments even more dynamic by enabling real-time analysis while Quantrix also enables both business and IT users to easily query data sources to develop ad hoc, exploratory, as well as structured analyses. 

By utilizing DataPush, you can ‘complete the loop’ by pushing model data easily back into databases so the data can be analyzed and processed in other systems.

Key features

  • Unmatched modeling agility
  • Interactive presentations and dashboards
  • Always-on pivoting
  • Natural language formulas
  • Blazing-fast calculation performance
  • Self-documenting models
  • Integration with existing data systems

Technical Description
  • Publish models to the Quantrix Qloud for online access by end users
  • Exploratory and ad hoc analytics, modeling and visualizations with DataNAV
  • User roles and permissions for controlled and secure sharing of models 
  • Scripting for authoring mini-applications, custom functions, and more
  • Platform flexibility - works on Windows 32 or 64bit as well as Mac OSX
  • DataLink and DataPush enable organizations to bi-directionally integrate Quantrix models with data sources and business applications.
  • DataNAV is a substantial advancement for data navigation, analysis, and visualization