Quantrix Enterprise Qloud

Quantrix Qloud enables you to securely access and interact with Quantrix models online. Qloud is ideal for companies that need to provide model access to everyone involved in business planning and decision-making. It's great for consultants too, who can share interactive models with clients using real-time data.

As a customer-deployed solution, Qloud for Enterprise can be deployed behind your firewall for added security and gives you access to enterprise-only functionality

Enterprise Qloud - Key features

  • Publish your desktop models to Qloud and collaborate with colleagues and clients anywhere with an internet connection. No desktop software required for Qloud users.
  • View and edit multidimensional business and financial models via a web browser
  • Update models on the Qloud and perform ‘what if’ scenarios
  • Ensure decision-makers are working with real-time data and up-to-date model versions
  • Set permissions that define what users can view and edit

Features available only on Enterprise Qloud

  • Ability to install and maintain Qloud on your own servers behind your corporate firewall
  • Corporate branding capability on Qloud home page, model pages and email messaging
  • API to allow pass thru login to Qloud from external systems
  • No limitation on the number or size of models each desktop modeler can upload to Qloud
  • Administration console to manage Qloud users accounts / passwords, user model upload limits and server configuration settings

To view a Quantrix Model on Qloud please click here!

Enterprise Qloud – Annual Subscription

  • Qloud for Enterprises starts at a minimum of 20 users
  • No license limits on the number of or size of the models you can upload to the Qloud
  • Subscriptions are per user per year and include technical support and access to all software upgrades while the subscription is in-place

For more information and to communicate with a member of the sales team about Enterprise Qloud, please email sales@quantrix.com

Technical Description
  • Integrated with Quantrix for user management and access control
  • Modelers can set which parts of the model they want different groups to use. One model can be used by many different groups or multiple models can be deployed and aggregated to a master model via Qloud to desktop DataLinks
  • Full support for canvases and perspectives on the web. Allows users to create great-looking presentations of data
  • No software downloads as only a web browser is needed for Qloud users
  • Enterprise Qloud installation package includes Qloud application / administration files, Qloud branding file and XML files for setting system parameters
  • Enterprise Qloud runs on two separate entities. An application server to manage user accounts, administration and database as well as a model server that opens models and allows interactions with models
  • Application server minimum requirements are a server with 2GB RAM, 76GB hard drive and 2 CPU’s
  • Model server minimum requirements are a server with 16GB RAM, 76GB hard drive and 6 CPU’s
  • Servers for Enterprise Qloud can be installed and maintained on Windows or Linux