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Quantrix and parent company, IDBS, deliver multi-dimensional modeling and analytics capabilities that merge scientific research with business decision-making.  IDBS provides complete data management and analysis solutions that enable organizations to capture, store, analyze and view data, protect intellectual property (IP) and improve efficiency across departments and research sites.  Quantrix software empowers the business-side of science by enabling more nimble analytics and modeling that support business and financial decision-making. 

IDBS solutions for scientific research and development include:

ActivityBase Suite is the Gold Standard solution for high capacity, high content testing. It enables R&D scientists to save time derive more value from their automated experiments.

E-WorkBook Suite is the Electronic Notebook of choice for research scientists*. It provides data and process improvements across the widest range of R&D sciences, protecting corporate knowledge and IP, even in highly regulatory environments. It enables entire R&D organisations to pull their data together instantly for analysis or reporting.

InforSense Suite is a sophisticated data integration, analytics and web based visualization platform. It enables organizations to bring together data from multiple silos, analyse it and make it valuable. It offers powerful performance and breakthrough predictive insights.

Quantrix software for business and finance includes:

Quantrix Modeler enables professionals to develop multi-dimensional models and analyses of the highest accuracy, transparency and integrity.   Quantrix is used for key financial modeling activities such as forecasting, budget, planning, and "what if" scenarios as well as risk modeling and visual analytics.  It is also used for ad hoc scientific research that does not have FDA and other regulatory compliance requirements.

DataNAV enables both business and IT professionals to easily query data sources to develop ad hoc, exploratory, as well as structured analyses.  The combined DataNAV and Quantrix Modeler solution represents a practical alternative to the widespread practice of pairing spreadsheets with BI tools for corporate business analysis and planning.

DataPush allows organizations to "push" data residing in Quantrix models directly to databases and other business applications.  DataPush closes the analytics loop by allowing insights and important data to be integrated back into the corporate ecosystem.

By selecting Quantrix, you receive:

A Modeling Platform that Delivers Success
Quantrix addresses the complex business questions that are frequently faced by life sciences and healthcare organizations.  Quantrix Modeler's multi-dimensional modeling and analytics features allow business users to develop stand-alone and integrated models to better understand business conditions and trends as well as the potential impact of business decisions.

The Backing of a Highly Skilled Professional Services Organization
Whether it is assisting with an integrated forecast model or modeling the response of marketing initiatives, Quantrix Professional Services brings the expertise, resources, and "best practices" methodologies to help meet project deadlines and ensure business success. 

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"Ventana Research believes Quantrix Modeler is a useful, cost-effective tool that can make finance and line-of-business organizations more productive when it comes to any modeling, planning, budgeting or analytical task."

Robert D. Kugel CFA
Ventana Research, Inc.

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