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Lesson Nine: Publishing to the Qloud

Publish the model to the Quantrix Qloud

The Quantrix Qloud enables business users anywhere to securely access and interact with Quantrix models online.  The Qloud is ideal for companies that need to provide model access to all involved in business planning and decision-making.  It's great for consultancies too, as it allows them to develop and deliver interactive models to clients with real-time data. As a hosted solution, the Qloud frees IT departments and consultancies alike from the time and expense of supporting servers and other costly infrastructure.

Publishing Models to the Qloud
To publish models on the Quantrix Qloud, please do the following within Quantrix Modeler:

Step 1. Click  Qloud > Publish to the Qloud
The Qloud Publisher Wizard should appear.  Please make sure the URL displays the following:  Click Next.

Step 2.   Create a New Account.  If you don't already have a Qloud account, click on the Create Account button (View image below).  You will be asked to fill in the registration form.  If you already have an account, your email address and password should autofill.  Click OK to proceed.

Step 3. Set the name and description of the file.  You can also add a message regarding the content or changes in this upload.  If would like to make the model accessible to the general public (see disclaimer), the click the appropriate check box.

Step 4. In the left colum, select the Views (ie matrices, charts and canvasses) that you want to make available to viewers.

Step 5.  Publish to Quantrix Qloud Server.  Click finish to save the model and publish it to the server. Uncheck the check box if you want to just save the configuration without publishing the model. 

Inviting Colleagues, Clients and Others to View the Model

Step 1.  Log in to the Quantrix Qloud.  Click > Models in the navigation menu. 

Step 2.  Identify the model you wish to share and then click on the Globe Icon (see below).  Fill in the email address of the recipient then hit Enter.

Step 3.  Insert an optional personal message.

Step 4.  Click Send Invitations.  The Quantrix Qloud will send invitations with a hyperlink to the model.  Recipients of the model will have to create a Quantrix Qloud account (free of charge) to access the model.

For more information on using the Qloud, please visit Online Help

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