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Open source projects used in the Quantrix Modeler


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Apache POI Apache License
Apache STAX API Apache License
Apache XML Beans Apache License
Batik Apache License
CGLib Apache License
dom4j : XML framework for Java License
Fifesoft RSyntaxTextArea and AutoComplete License
FreeHEP Java Library License
Guava: Google Core Libraries for Java Apache License
Groovy License
H2 Database Engine License
HTTP Client Apache License
InfoNode Docking Framework License
Janino License
Java 3D Vecmath Runtime Environment None
Jaxen License
JDom License
JFreeChart License
JSON License
Macify library None
MIGLayout BSD License
QuaQua (OS X Version Only) License
Relative Layout License
SwingX Gnu LGPL License
wsld4j License
Xerces2 Java Parser Apache License
Xalan Apache License
Open source projects used in the Quantrix Qloud and Qloud model server
Apach Commons DBCP Apache License
Apache Velocity Apache License
Ehcache Web Filters Apache License
Jackson Apache License
Java Mail API License
JBCrypt License
JBoss Resteasy Apache License
RestyGWT Apache License
Hermes GNU Lesser General Public License
PIE (CSS3 decorations for IE) Apache License
Open source projects used in production but not distributed with Quantrix Modeler
Google Web Toolkit Terms & License
Jenkins MIT License
JUnit License
Maven License
Subversion License