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Quantrix scripting is meant to be accessible to anyone who uses Quantrix regularly and wants to leverage the benefits scripting provides. You need not be a “professional” programmer to use scripting. Application of scripting does involve some programming, but only at a basic level. With mastery of just a few fundamentals, anyone can learn to write scripts.

A great way to get started with Quantrix Scripting is to review the Quantrix Introduction to Scripting Guide. (PDF)

In association with the Scripting Guide, you can also review some sample script models. (ZIP)

The Quantrix On-Line Forum is a great place to get scripting help from Quantrix staff and other Quantrix users.

Quantrix user Dominik Holenstein has started documentation project started to help VBA users get used to the Groovy syntax. You can participate in this project here:

VBA to Groovy Doc

Feel free to contact with any questions.
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