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Quantrix Announces 64-bit, High-Performance Business Modeling and Analytics Software Solution

PORTLAND, ME – October 8, 2008 – Quantrix today announced the release of Quantrix 64, a business modeling and analytics software solution for companies that develop large-scale, data-intensive business and financial models. The new product’s 64-bit processing capability enables enterprise customers to create models with up to 500 million data points using desktop computers alone, or in a server environment to enhance scalability and improve collaboration. Quantrix has demonstrated the ability of Quantrix 64 to perform in a distributed environment with, an online model that runs the Quantrix calculation engine with a dynamic thin client user interface to enable people to calculate their estimated taxes under a McCain or an Obama administration. The online model has received national media attention.

“Our Quantrix Modeler solution is ideal for companies developing models with up to 30 million data points, but our enterprise customers need additional scalability and flexible deployment options. Quantrix 64 provides a lot more breathing room to create massive models with up to a half billion data points,” says Pete Murray, Chief Technical Officer, Quantrix. “Quantrix 64’s architecture enables companies to run their models on a robust server with users accessing them from their desktops.”

Quantrix 64 features an API that can be integrated with Ajax-based tools such as Google Web Toolkit to enable companies to deploy and run models online. Quantrix’s demonstrates the power, flexibility, and scalability of the new solution. With 250 formulas, and a custom-developed user interface, the model is deployed on three 64-bit Linux servers to control load balance. “The model handled a huge spike in traffic and didn’t even break a sweat,” says Murray.

Quantrix 64 offers optional features for enterprise and international customers, including the Vocabulary Manager™, which enables models to be built and shared in multiple languages, and DataPush™, which allows data to be “pushed” into data warehouses and business applications.

“Quantrix 64 fills a largely unmet need for organizations that build and maintain business-critical models that grow as their business grows,” says Robert Kugel, SVP & Research Director, Ventana Research. “Many businesses are exposed to enormous risk by relying on spreadsheets that hit performance limits and whose complexity and vulnerability to error increases at an exponential rate.”
Quantrix’s 64-bit multidimensional business modeling and analytics software enables finance and operations professionals to break away from the performance restrictions of spreadsheets and the complexity issues of high end business intelligence applications.  Quantrix 64 can be quickly deployed throughout the enterprise with bi-directional integration with existing data sources and applications.  Quantrix forms an integral part of an organization’s strategy for improving financial and operational performance.

About Quantrix
Quantrix delivers business modeling and analytics (BMA) solutions and services to customers in 50 countries with resellers in the United Kingdom, China, Australia, France, Germany, Mexico, Chile, Israel, South Africa, and Brazil. Quantrix Modeler provides unprecedented business insight by enabling companies to develop accurate, secure, and dynamic forecast, budget, planning, risk, and data models. Quantrix Modeler delivers rapid return on investment by empowering businesses to break away from restrictive two-dimensional spreadsheets and complicated modeling and business intelligence tools. For more information about Quantrix Modeler, to inquire about a speaker for your event, or to activate a free 30-day trial, visit or call +1 207.775.0808.

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