Financial Services

Revolutionizing the world of financial modeling

Quantrix resolves the limitations and risks inherent with the complex spreadsheet models used across the financial spectrum. Issues such as accuracy, transparency, complexity and scalability are addressed by our powerful modeling platform, designed with the user in mind.

Quantrix has a proven track record in many of the world’s leading financial institutions. We enable these organizations to liberate the collective expertise of their teams through superior modeling, efficiency and integrity.

  • Eliminate errors
    Natural language formulae creates self-documenting models typically with 95% less formulae
  • Audit trail
    Full automatic audit trail for compliance and track changes by user, time, and action.
  • Granular access control
    Protect critical models from accidental or unapproved change
  • Version control
    Automatically manage the versioning of models with backups and restore points
  • Complex integrations
    Quantrix can be integrated into existing technologies to increase the effectiveness of the overall solution
  • Automation
    Automate common tasks to alleviate time and resource consuming processes


Create a competitive edge your clients will thank you for

Consultants in a broad range of industries use Quantix as their business modeling platform of choice for delivering superior business value – and models – to clients. Whether your firm provides financial, strategic, operational or technology expertise, you'll find Quantrix provides you with an edge over the competition.

Quantrix has a number of features designed with consultancies in mind, such as collaboration controls and the ability to create highly professional presentations and dashboards for clients.

Quantrix is scalable; from a single consultant wishing to gain a competitive edge, to large multi-national organizations, wishing to take their offering to the next level, Quantrix delivers unbeatable value to organizations of all sizes.

  • Delivery methods
    Quantrix enables flexibility in the delivery method of models to clients, gone are the days of emails!
  • Controlled collaboration
    Extensive roles and permissions make it easy to configure and protect valuable IP within models
  • Faster turnaround
    Models take far less time to make changes, leading to faster turnaround in projects
  • Increased transparency
    Transparent logic in models means logic is easy to understand
  • Model complexity & scale
    Easily model problems which were previously hard (if not impossible) to solve in Excel
  • Professional modeling tools
    Professional modeling tools such as the dependency inspector and problems pane, make modeling more productive for your team

Investment Banking

Always ahead of the competition

In an industry where speed means closing the deal, and mistakes can lead to damaged reputation and fines, Quantrix provides a professional modeling platform for when your complex financial models have outgrown traditional spreadsheets. Quantrix enables analysts to react intuitively; whether that means changing an underlying assumption or completely adjusting the structure of a model, Quantrix empowers you to quickly and easily adapt.

  • Unlimited scenarios & sensitivities
    Create ‘new deal’ scenarios at the touch of a key, without writing a single formula
  • Always-on pivoting 
    Slice, dice and compare investment scenarios side-by-side for easy analysis
  • Single source of truth
    Inbuilt version control ensures even the most complex of transactions remain on track
  • Eliminate errors
    Natural language formulas reduce the risk of complex errors & costly fines
  • Integrate data sources
    Create robust financial scenarios based on up to date information using datalink
  • Extend functionality
    Easily extend functionality with in-built scripting or via Quantrix’s powerful APIs

Private Equity & Venture Capital

Ensure trust and confidence in your projections

The Quantrix multi-dimensional modeling engine is perfect for applications such as complex multi-tiered waterfall calculations. Quantrix can model things that are simply impossible in traditional spreadsheets without the need to extend anything through scripting or VBA, reducing complexity and making the maintenance easier and cheaper. With Quantrix, you can securely share real-time forecasts, distribution reports and investment dashboards with both General and Limited partners.

For years, the private equity and venture capital industries have been pushing the limits of 25-year old technologies, such as Excel. Quantrix enables you to model distribution models and track on-going operations using the world’s fastest calculation engine for finance.

  • Unlimited scenarios & sensitivities
    Create new investment scenarios at the touch of a key, without writing a single formula
  • Multidimensional modeling
    Easily model waterfall tiers and complex structures
  • Audit trail
    Full automatic audit trail for compliance, and track changes by user, time and action
  • Eliminate errors
    By writing 95% less formulas on average, you can reduce the risk of complex errors and costly fines
  • Visual dependencies
    Quantrix’s dependency inspector allows for easy tracing of dependents and precedents
  • Model transparency
    Natural language formulae creates self-documenting models


Powering your modeling capabilities

The energy industry is increasingly shaped by political, economic and social forces that open the door to new opportunities. Oil and gas, biofuels, nuclear and renewable energy organizations must be able to adapt in this fast-moving landscape.

Quantrix enables energy companies to stay agile, giving them the power to react to changes and ensure that critical short & long-term forecasts, demand-planning, capital investment planning and other modeling challenges integral to their business can be met. Quantrix delivers a modeling platform, which empowers organizations to stay ahead of the curve in these increasingly competitive markets.

  • Smart timelines
    A time-aware model eliminates the need for redundant formulae
  • Long-term forecasting
    Create scalable long-term energy supply & demand forecasts with ease
  • Model transparency
    Natural language formulae creates self-documenting models
  • Integrate data sources
    Connect to critical data sources for up-to-date facts and figures
  • Complex scenario planning
    Easily model and compare different demand and planning scenarios


Keeping your business growing

The world currently supports more than seven billion people… and that number is rising. Feeding the planet’s fast-growing population depends on cutting-edge forecasting techniques and demand planning from the world’s leading agriculture and agro-tech organizations.

More than ever, organizations are relying on Quantrix to provide a scalable modeling platform for everything from demand forecasting, capital planning and crop yield modeling, to long-term financial planning and analysis across multiple products and geographies.

  • Multi-dimensional modeling
    Models that match the true shape of your operations
  • Long term forecasting
    Create scalable long-term crop and yield forecasts with ease
  • Multi-user access
    Distributed work forces can collaborate in real time
  • Complex scenario planning
    Encompass everything from weather to market demands without your model becoming unmanageable
  • Access from anywhere
    In the office or out in the field, update information in real time

Real Estate & Investment

Building a profitable investment portfolio

Investors want to know that their valuable investments are in safe hands – and time is one of their most valuable investments. With Quantrix, you no longer need to navigate multiple broken spreadsheets to find the critical answers. With Quantrix, time is spent getting the answers you need to make investment decisions, quickly and easily, in an understandable and intuitive way – providing an edge for you and your clients in a very competitive industry.

  • Multi-dimensional model
    With multiple investors and multiple investments you work in a multi-dimensional business
  • Increased accuracy
    Eliminate the risk of errors and improve investment decision outcomes
  • Client Access & Sharing
    On-demand portfolio access for you and your clients.
  • Self-service modeling
    Enable users and clients to experiment with ‘what if’ scenarios in a controlled manner

Commercial Banking

Power to you, not just your customers

Quantrix technology streamlines back office processes and enables powerful modeling, forecasting and data analysis in applications such as cash management, treasury management, private equity financing and loan modeling.

    Full automatic audit trail for compliance and track changes by user, time, and action.
    By writing 95% less formulas on average, you can reduce the risk of complex errors and costly fines
    Quantrix can be integrated into existing technologies to increase the effectiveness of the overall solution
    Automate common tasks to alleviate time and resource consuming processes

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